Monday, April 4, 2011

a religious experience.

I spent a lovely weekend at my parent's farm with Julian and Nora. On Saturday I drove them to my grade school, they played on the playground, which, by the way had changed SIGNIFICANTLY since my days there! There is now one, large play unit - like you would find in your local park (primary colours and very safe)... when I went to the school we had:
1 set of monkey bars
1 set of swings
1 row of see-saws (teeter-totters... not sure which is correct)
1 row of tires... yes, tires... ranging in size from car to truck to TRACTOR, all buried half way in the ground - the goal being to jump from one tire to the next (I am surprised there were no casualties on the tractor tires - they are HUGE!). Julian didn't seem to believe me when I told him we used to play on tires at school. He kept asking me to "tell the funny story about the tires" again and again.

I decided we should go for a walk to the cemetery (behind the school and church) as a few of my relatives are resting there. Julian and Nora decided they would walk around and pick up the "stray" artificial flowers that have fallen away from their holders during the snowy winter. They each walked around with handfuls of plastic and silk florals. We brought most of them to my grandparent's headstone. They neatly placed the flowers into the soil in a row. Nora wanted to be different and decided that she would put hers on graves of people we didn't know. At first Julian didn't like this at all - but after a while he was okay with it.

The headstone next to my grandparent's has an engraving of Jesus on it. At one point Nora was trying to decide where she should put the flowers when Julian said: "Hey Nora, you should put some on Jesus' spot. Everybody likes Jesus."...


P.S. Julian saved a blue flower to give to his friend Isabella. He told me he gave it to her at school today, but one of the children said it wasn't a real flower. Julian said he told Isabella that it is a magic flower because it will never change... love it.