Thursday, April 9, 2009


Julian has discovered the ancient art of the "knock-knock" joke.  Truly a joyful moment in every parent's life.  Most of the time the jokes he puts together make absolutely no sense whatsoever.  He has, however, recently found a gem:

Who's there?
Cargo who?
Cargo beep beep!

We went to a 4th birthday party for his friend Matteo last weekend and I watched him literally work the room with this joke.  Unfortunately Nora (who doesn't quite understand nor appreciate the true artistry that is the well-timed-delivery-set-up of the knock-knock joke) has gotten in on the action.  This is how it has been playing out:

Julian:  "Knock-knock."
Nora:  "BEEP BEEP!"

It usually ends in tears.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Doin' his Do.

Julian has CRAZY hair.  Don't get me wrong.  I love it, but it is crazy.  When his hair first began to grow as a baby it stood straight up in the air, completely defying the laws of gravity... and it has never stopped standing up.  He can also thank both of his parents for the cowlicks (by the way, I have always detested that term, impossible not to imagine a cow actually licking your head).

We keep his hair fairly short - mainly because I'm not sure what would really happen if it actually grew long - would it just keep going up?

As I said though, I love it.  It is crazy, it is kooky, it is Julian.

Last night as we were "having a little talk" (as he calls it) before bed he said:  "Mommy... why does my hair go up?  I want flat hair like the boys at school.  I want hair like Alexander's.".  I swear, it absolutely broke my heart.  How is it possible that even at the age of 4, children are already capable of noticing what is "different" about themselves... and even sadder is they are already so desperate to be just like everyone else.  

I told Julian he has magic hair, and it is beautiful.  I hope he believed me, because it's true.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Place of Origin.

Discussion in the car this morning:

Julian:  "Mommy, where was Nora when I was a baby?"
Me:  "Ummmm, she didn't really exist... yet."
Julian:  "Was she in Daddy's belly?"
Me:  "No, not really..."
Julian:  "Where was she, Mommy?"
Me:  "Maybe she was with God."
Julian:  "Did God make my sister?"
Me:  "Yes, kind-of."
Julian:  (laughing) "That's silly, Mommy.  God made my sister like people making race cars!"

He then burst into hysterics.
I was just pleased we didn't have to venture into the "baby in Daddy's belly" territory.