Thursday, August 28, 2008

Farm life... and death.

My parent's farm is a wonderful place to visit.  Especially with Julian and Nora.  They are in a constant state of awe.  From the moment they step out of the car, you can see the sense of freedom register on their faces.  They can run, and jump and play without constant direction from us - because there is just so much space and it is so safe.  

There is, however a dark side to farm life, that I remember quite well from my youth.  Farm children learn about death at a young age, whether it is from losing pet dogs to a variety of vehicle mishaps (must explain that one in a future post) or running over a toad with the tractor (by accident of course), no one had to explain death to me.

We decided to bring the children to the farm for a sleep over this week, and we were inundated with insect/animal deaths:

Experience #1:  We were roaming around the barn, and Nora was busy playing her favourite game of "throw pebbles into the grate".  I walked over to the grate, peered inside, to find a dead bird at the bottom.  I told my mom to come and take a look.  Of course, Julian followed and said:  "What is that bird doing?".  We all just looked at each other, unsure of who was going to break the news, we all silently decided to move along and not discuss it.

Experience #2:  There is a huge greenhouse on the farm, and one of my FAVOURITE hobbies as a little girl was collecting the unfortunate butterflies who made their way into the greenhouse, but couldn't find their way out.  They die in the heat under the glass, and dry beautifully.  My mom brought out a box of butterflies for me from the greenhouse during our visit (see photo), and again Julian said:  "What are the butterflies doing?".  Silence.

Experience #3:  We had managed to avoid the "death talk" through the entire visit, and were about to go into the house for dinner before the two hour drive home.  Julian was walking up the stairs to the porch with Grandpa, when I heard Julian say:  "Grandpa.  What is that bug doing?"  then I heard STOMP!  Grandpa smooshed the bug with his (very heavy) work boot.  Julian was in hysterics:  "I wanted to see the bug!!!  Grandpa killed the bug!!!".  Needless to say, we didn't have to explain that the bug was dead, and Grandpa has learned that his grandson is all city...

On a lighter note, a few sweet pre-bed words from Julian tonight:

"Mommy, I will always be with you, and I will always take care of you when things go wrong." 

I have no idea where a 3.5yr old comes up with this stuff... but I'll take it.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

For her birthday...

Today Ava should be 5 years old.  I wrote this for her lovely mum Sheye a while ago, and wanted to share it today...  

when you feel the tears begin to flow, let them go
they fill the pond with water for the mermaid to have a swim

when you feel the butterflies in your tummy, let them go
so they can fly to her and make her smile

when you feel that your world is spinning out of control, let it
it will help to turn the carousel where she is enjoying a beautiful ride

fly Superprincess... fly.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I don't want to grow up.

Julian stayed in Nora's room tonight as I was getting her ready for bed.  The lights were out, curtains drawn, soft music playing while I rocked her to sleep.  

Julian:  "Mommy, I want to be a baby again."
Me:  "Why?"
Julian:  "Because it is nice to be a baby."
Me:  "But, it is nice to be a big boy too."
Julian:  "No, being a big boy is lousy."


Monday, August 18, 2008


It was lovely out tonight.  I decided to go for a walk with Julian and Nora.  Julian rode his bike.  Nora "walked" behind her bike pushing it.  All was well.  We made it half way around the block when suddenly Nora decided she didn't want to wear shoes.  She sat on the side walk, tossed her little orange crocs to the side, and began running across someone's lawn.  I tried to politely explain to her that she needed to wear shoes while out for a walk, there could be glass, not to mention a million other disgusting things on the ground.  She wouldn't hear of it.  It got ugly, quick.  Little, 20 pound Nora, threw herself on the sidewalk, screaming, scrunched up little fists pounding the ground.  Me, still in work skirt, blouse and heels, picked her up, and and marched home as quickly as one can while carrying a screaming child, pink tricycle, two orange crocs and a hat.  By the time we arrived at our house, it was all I could do to get them inside (what must the neighbours be thinking?...).  I sat on the couch with Julian, trying to ignore Nora's whimpers.  She walked up to me, and I looked down.  She had put her shoes on, and she was smiling.



Saturday, August 2, 2008

My love & things.

One of my favourite things about Andrew is that he knows about things.  He knows about music things, book things, world things, just things in general.  I really like that about him, because when I reach the point where I feel I must be aware of all things, he suggests a song I should listen to, or a website I should check out, etc.  Just the other day he introduced me to the work of Banksy.  I am in love all over again... 

Thank you sweet pea, for sharing so many beautiful things.  Happy 6 Years.