Sunday, September 28, 2008

Old Friends...

Stranger:  "Do you have a girlfriend?"
Julian:  "Yes."
Stranger:  "What is her name?"
Julian:  "Sophia."

Can you blame him?


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

La Lou.

I am quite certain this is the universal translation used to say:  "I love you" for all children under the age of two.  Every night, as I tuck Nora into her bed she says this loudly as I leave the room.  They are the two most beautiful words in the world.

A few days ago Nora awoke from a nap.  The following was our conversation.  Keep in mind, she has no idea what she is saying, and was merely utilizing her limited vocabulary, but that doesn't make it any less humorous.

Me:  "What did you dream about, Nora?"
Nora:  "Daddy."
Me:  "What was Daddy doing?"
Nora:  "Mommy."

Bless her cotton socks.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sleepy Fish.

Nora went to mama & pappa's farm for a week this summer.  My mom and dad have a beautiful fish pond at the side of their house.  Nora would have been content to spend the entire day sitting beside the pond watching the fish (see above photos).  When she came home from the farm visit, she suddenly developed an interest in Nemo, our pet fish, which was a gift from nanny, and had been entirely ignored by both children until that point.

Unfortunately, Nemo has not been "well" as of late.  He has become increasingly lethargic over the past week and a half.  Now he spends all of his time lying on his side at the bottom of the bowl (I am basically counting down the days to his death, and just do not have the heart to flush him).  Nora will walk up to the bowl, point and say:  "Fishy, eat.".  At this point you have to pick her up and shake the bowl so that Nemo will attempt to swim.  Then as he slowly sinks to the bottom again she will look at you, and there is confusion in those beautiful brown eyes - so of course I feel the need to offer some sort of explanation.  All I could think of as a response is:  "Fishy is sleepy".

Tonight during Nora's bath she was playing with a plastic fish in the tub.  She made the fish swim.  She filled it with water.  She dumped it out.  She lay the fish on it's side on the edge of the tub, said:  "Night-night Fishy" and gave it a kiss.  


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Julian tonight:

"I need a musical instrument, mommy... so I can make music."

(Thoughts of Julliard begin twirling through my my mind.  Julian, child prodigy, musical genious, seated at a piano, or on a stool playing accoustic guitar.  In a theatre filled to capacity.  All eyes on him.  I look at Julian, he looks back at me, very serious expression.)

"Mommy.  I need a tuba."


Friday, September 12, 2008


I am very aware that life is grand, and I am an incredibly lucky girl... however I just need to divulge the details of today.

1.  It was pouring rain all day.  When I brought Julian and Nora to daycare this morning we had to park across the road and run across (me in high heels and a dress).  Half way there Julian decided that he wanted to "play".  I had taken my umbrella out of my purse, and left it in my office yesterday, assuming I wouldn't need it.

2.  I had my annual "lady" doctors appointment, which I had to leave work for.  Yuck.

3.  I had a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction on the way back, when the slit on the side of my dress became approximately 3 inches higher than it should be as I exited the car from the aforementioned doctors appointment.

4.  My hair was in a bun, but it kept falling out.

5.  I work in an office, often I have meetings away from my office, on "site".  Today was one of those days (yes, a meeting with various managers in a dress with a slit up to my...).  I also have to pick up Julian and Nora from daycare on Fridays - I have to be there by 5pm.  I left the 9th floor of the parking garage at 4:15pm - PLENTY of time.  I reached the 8th floor.  STOP.  The cars were not moving.  Next came about 5 frantic, tear-filled phone calls from my cell phone to daycare, nanny, and sista-in-law, Kee to arrange an alternate pick up.  Bless Kee who picked up both children, sleeping bags (they send them home every two weeks), crafts, shoes, coats, hats (while also carrying her own two year old), and somehow managed it all with a smile.

6.  Children in car.  Exhausted.  Driving down the highway home.  BEEP.  No gas.  Made it to the gas station on fumes.  Got out.  Gas cap would not unlock.  Had to ask a stranger to press the release button while I jammed a paperclip in to open it up (yes, all while wearing a dress with a slit up to my, you know).  My hands now covered in a mysterious black, oily substance.  Also forgot that gas prices rose overnight.  It cost $70 to fill my VW Beetle.

7.  Home.  Done.  Finished.  Hungry children.  Hungry mommy.  Grocery day is tomorrow.  Pancakes and fruit for dinner.

Tonight I will be having a BIG glass of wine before bed.  Maybe a bubble bath as well...


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Nose Knows.

Before bed tonight I decided to let Julian know exactly how I feel:

Me:  "Julian, I have to tell you... I think you are grand, and I love you so very much.  Mommy is so happy to have such a special, wonderful little boy."


Julian:  "Mommy?"  
(then, he broke into his own made-up song)  
"I don't know how to touch your nose.
I don't know how to touch your nose.  
I try, and try, and try and try... 
but I don't know how to touch your nose..."