Friday, September 12, 2008


I am very aware that life is grand, and I am an incredibly lucky girl... however I just need to divulge the details of today.

1.  It was pouring rain all day.  When I brought Julian and Nora to daycare this morning we had to park across the road and run across (me in high heels and a dress).  Half way there Julian decided that he wanted to "play".  I had taken my umbrella out of my purse, and left it in my office yesterday, assuming I wouldn't need it.

2.  I had my annual "lady" doctors appointment, which I had to leave work for.  Yuck.

3.  I had a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction on the way back, when the slit on the side of my dress became approximately 3 inches higher than it should be as I exited the car from the aforementioned doctors appointment.

4.  My hair was in a bun, but it kept falling out.

5.  I work in an office, often I have meetings away from my office, on "site".  Today was one of those days (yes, a meeting with various managers in a dress with a slit up to my...).  I also have to pick up Julian and Nora from daycare on Fridays - I have to be there by 5pm.  I left the 9th floor of the parking garage at 4:15pm - PLENTY of time.  I reached the 8th floor.  STOP.  The cars were not moving.  Next came about 5 frantic, tear-filled phone calls from my cell phone to daycare, nanny, and sista-in-law, Kee to arrange an alternate pick up.  Bless Kee who picked up both children, sleeping bags (they send them home every two weeks), crafts, shoes, coats, hats (while also carrying her own two year old), and somehow managed it all with a smile.

6.  Children in car.  Exhausted.  Driving down the highway home.  BEEP.  No gas.  Made it to the gas station on fumes.  Got out.  Gas cap would not unlock.  Had to ask a stranger to press the release button while I jammed a paperclip in to open it up (yes, all while wearing a dress with a slit up to my, you know).  My hands now covered in a mysterious black, oily substance.  Also forgot that gas prices rose overnight.  It cost $70 to fill my VW Beetle.

7.  Home.  Done.  Finished.  Hungry children.  Hungry mommy.  Grocery day is tomorrow.  Pancakes and fruit for dinner.

Tonight I will be having a BIG glass of wine before bed.  Maybe a bubble bath as well...



Clippy Mat said...

it was nearly friday the 13th you know, when you think about it.... that would explain it all. 'cept today was the 13th, but so close! never mind, it all turned out right in the end. :-))

E and T said...

Oh what a day. I hope that tomorrow is a beautiful day for you.

I loved seeing the picture of you in the previous post. It is a gorgeous photo of you with your little man. Julian's sweet little song made me smile. He is so cute.


Little Sweethearts said...

What I noted from your post: the title: ONE bad day.

I think all the men that saw you that day (after your split went up a few inches) had ONE really good day! You probably put a smile on some faces, maybe realizing this will make you smile about this day as well.


Kee said...

What a day!
I am honored to have made the blog!

Kee said...

PS: DId it really cost $70 to fill your car????