Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sleepy Fish.

Nora went to mama & pappa's farm for a week this summer.  My mom and dad have a beautiful fish pond at the side of their house.  Nora would have been content to spend the entire day sitting beside the pond watching the fish (see above photos).  When she came home from the farm visit, she suddenly developed an interest in Nemo, our pet fish, which was a gift from nanny, and had been entirely ignored by both children until that point.

Unfortunately, Nemo has not been "well" as of late.  He has become increasingly lethargic over the past week and a half.  Now he spends all of his time lying on his side at the bottom of the bowl (I am basically counting down the days to his death, and just do not have the heart to flush him).  Nora will walk up to the bowl, point and say:  "Fishy, eat.".  At this point you have to pick her up and shake the bowl so that Nemo will attempt to swim.  Then as he slowly sinks to the bottom again she will look at you, and there is confusion in those beautiful brown eyes - so of course I feel the need to offer some sort of explanation.  All I could think of as a response is:  "Fishy is sleepy".

Tonight during Nora's bath she was playing with a plastic fish in the tub.  She made the fish swim.  She filled it with water.  She dumped it out.  She lay the fish on it's side on the edge of the tub, said:  "Night-night Fishy" and gave it a kiss.  



Clippy Mat said...

NooNoo, such a little sweetheart. but when she points to Nemo and says 'fishy eat' i'm afraid she may mean she wants to 'eat him'.
poor Nemo is not doing well?
when he goes, we should buy you a bigger fish and aquarium to replace him eh?
just a thought! :-)

Kee said...

What a sweet pic and what a sweet sweet little girl. Next time I see her I will wear a Nemo hat-maybe she will like me more!

Little Sweethearts said...

Sorry to hear about Nemo.

One of our fish died yesterday. Since they are the only pets we have, the kids get upset about this. The first time it happened they shed quite a few tears, now they seem to handle it better.

Death is part of life I suppose.


clinka said...

Update: Fish is gone. Fish has been replaced with new fish, named: "Fishy".