Friday, March 28, 2008

Nee Na Na Nee Na Na Nee Na...

Long before I had children, Andrew told me about this amazing little song, consisting of two sounds:  "Na and Nee", which, when strung together with a lovely melody would instantly lull him into a sweet slumber.  Sometimes he would sing it to me, and I had to admit, I felt instantly at ease.  The song has been passed down for at least four generations in Andrew's family.  His great grandmother sang it to his grandmother, his grandmother sang it to his mother, his mother sang it to him, and now we sing it to Julian and Nora when needed.  The power of this song is undeniable - it is reserved for only those moments when all other forms of child-calming fail.  It works, like magic, every time.  Nee Na Na Nee Na Na Nee Na.  Sweet dreams.


Friday, March 21, 2008


I feel blessed to have people in my life who are just, plain wonderful.  It is a very special feeling to be moved by the actions of friends.  For 13 years I had lost contact with my university roommate.  After school she moved to Italy to model, as I was busy trying to be famous.  We "found" each other again, through Facebook this summer.  She invited us to come to her wedding, even though it was only a week away (I still regret not going).  After the wedding she shared absolutely stunning photos.  I sat at my computer, and cried.  What moved me the most wasn't the fact that she is truly one of the most beautiful girls I know, but the following story which she told me later:  The plan was for the children to walk in first, then Aaryn and Francesco would follow.  As they were waiting to enter, the children became very nervous, and said they wanted to walk with the bride and groom to be.  I have to be honest, if you put me in that situation - on my wedding day - MY MOMENT - I'm not sure how I would react.  Especially since the children weren't theirs.  As you can see, however, her reaction (and Francesco's) was nothing but stunning.  Huge smile on her face, toddler thrown casually on one hip, beautiful.  I truly think this is one of the most inspiring moments I have ever seen.

Thank you, Aaryn.  For being gorgeous, wonderful, and you.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where do you live?

Today Julian was healthy and made his grand return to daycare.  The following was our conversation during the morning drive:

Me:  "Julian, where do you live?"
Julian:  "Canada."
Me:  "Where do Auntie Jenny and Great Nanny Noo-Noo live?"
Julian:  "England."
Me:  "Where does Mommy live?"
Julian:  "Work."



Monday, March 17, 2008


When you first begin to tell people that you are pregnant, they express pure joy and excitement for you.  As your pregnancy progresses people will begin to tell you about all of the sleepless nights you are in for.  Once you are between 7 and 9 months preggers, complete strangers will find joy in describing the extreme pain and torture associated with childbirth.  Many will, without invitation, even share their own personal birthing stories.  There is one thing no one will warn you about, though... and I'm unsure why.  No one will warn you about the sickies.  The fact that the beautiful newborn you cuddle in your arms will one day leave the house to go to daycare or school, and for the next two years will either have a fever, snotty nose, runny poo, or something equally distressing.  Once every few weeks you will find yourself sending an email, or making a phone call to work at 6am, letting them know that, yes, once again - you will not be in today.  Well, I am breaking the code of silence, and spreading the word.  Little ones get sick.... A LOT!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Almost Famous.

I graduated from university with a major in Theatre.  I couldn't understand why my parents seemed disappointed when I proudly announced at the dinner table that "becoming famous" was my career path of choice.  After four years in university I was the proud owner of a Bachelor of Arts degree.  The world was my oyster.  Step 1 to becoming famous:  getting my "headshots" taken.  $400 worth of professional photos of my face later, I was on a bus to the big city to find an agent.  The first agency I met with informed me that I was the "next big thing".  I had "the look" they wanted, and my education was a bonus.  They called me their next "leading lady".  Then they asked me for a $150 "registration fee".  Unfortunately, I didn't know that this is not common practice among reputable agencies.  I didn't research who the reputable agencies were.  I WAS GOING TO BE FAMOUS!  I didn't have to worry about such trivial details!  Two weeks later I left my car unlocked over night, and someone stole the leather portfolio containing all of my photos (it still gives me the creeps to think of what may have become of 50 8x10 photos of my face).  I phoned my agency for advice:  "We're sorry, the number you have dialed is no longer in service.  Please check the number and try your call again.  This is a recording."  $550 lighter, and 13 years later, I have realized this building is as close as I will ever come to seeing my name in lights.  It was taken by a dear friend who lives in that same big city.  Oddly enough I have driven past this wall a few times over the past 13 years.  Every time I see it my chest puffs up a little bit, and I can't help but smile.


It's March.

The other night Andrew was on the computer before bed, when he said to me over his shoulder:  "You know it's March, right?"  My reply:  "And?"  Then I saw that he was looking at Clinka's Apples... which hadn't been updated in a while.  I told him clearly:  "I'm just not inspired right now."  I think March is largely to blame for that.  I want spring.  I want it so badly I can taste it.  I want to feel the sun on my skin, and smell that fresh-spring-earthy-smell.  There are actually plenty of Julian & Nora stories I could share, but unfortunately the most entertaining ones as of late also contain images of poo and other not-so-nice things.  So tonight I will tell you about a lovely book I ordered for Nora, called "Someday", purchased entirely based on the cover (which is how I make most of my purchases).  The book arrived today, and before putting Julian to bed I read to him (Nora was too tired for a book tonight).  I actually broke into tears part way through.  Julian said:  "Mommy, keep reading."  So, I kept reading... with crackling voice.  Every Mommy must buy it.  As well as some tissue to go along with it.


P.S.  It is the next day... Tonight I found Julian scribbling with red pen in this book.  At first I was very upset, I wanted this to be a beautiful keepsake for Nora.  Julian could tell by the look on my face how unhappy I was... he immediately cried and said "I'm sorry Mommy.".  Then I realized this book is made all the more special by him leaving his little mark in it.  Thank you, Jbug.