Friday, March 28, 2008

Nee Na Na Nee Na Na Nee Na...

Long before I had children, Andrew told me about this amazing little song, consisting of two sounds:  "Na and Nee", which, when strung together with a lovely melody would instantly lull him into a sweet slumber.  Sometimes he would sing it to me, and I had to admit, I felt instantly at ease.  The song has been passed down for at least four generations in Andrew's family.  His great grandmother sang it to his grandmother, his grandmother sang it to his mother, his mother sang it to him, and now we sing it to Julian and Nora when needed.  The power of this song is undeniable - it is reserved for only those moments when all other forms of child-calming fail.  It works, like magic, every time.  Nee Na Na Nee Na Na Nee Na.  Sweet dreams.



Clippy Mat said...

It is the most powerful melody and can always make you feel safe and calm. I think my Mother made it up, not sure if she ever said her mother sang it to her. I can't tell you how much it thrills me to know it has been passed on and I know she would be amazed and delighted. It is lovely to think that Julian and Nora will pass it on too. Thank you so much. xxxx

Anonymous said...

oh my god...that was my song!!!!
she used to sing it to me when I was a baby.
your right it is very powerful...

E and T said...

I have come across your blog through a comment you left on Sheye's blog.

I just wanted to let you know that I have visited your blog and really enjoyed reading your posts, some of them made me LOL.

Your stories about your little cherubs are entertaining. I love your posts where you record the conversations you have with Julian - he sounds so sweet, not to mention clever.

kristen said...

Yes I do remember doing that one on many a night. It does work though doesn't it. Until we leave the room.