Thursday, November 27, 2008

99 bottles of...

99 Posts.

Each time I sign in I see the number.  Surely, I can come up with something FANTABULOUS for my 100th post.  It'll be GREAT.  I'll write about, hmmmmm...  Let me think about it for a minute.

I have a couple of silly things that have occurred over the past few days, but are they 100th post-worthy?  I'm not so sure.  Ah, let's see.

Julian and Nora have been sick (again).  We made a trip to the doctor yesterday, and then to the drugstore to pick up some medication for them.  There was a 20 minute wait.  A 20 minute wait with a sick 1 and 3 year old is like a 3 hour wait for an adult on their own.  I placed (forced) Nora in the shopping cart, and Julian walked (kept running away) with us.  We went down each aisle twice.  I spent $58.16 on numerous items which I did not need, including a bag of organic cookies which Julian & Nora insisted I open, and they proceeded to eat (drop) half of the bag in the store.  I then decided to bide the rest of our time waiting in the "waiting area" beside the pharmacy.  This was a bad idea.  There was a wall of various, brightly coloured brochures.  Julian was perusing them.  He picked out a few.  I wasn't paying much attention.  I was too busy picking up dropped/mushed cookies from the floor.  He brought a brochure over to me.  "Mommy, this is for you."  The cover read:  "Women's Sexual Health".  Great.  Okay Julian, let's start walking again.  Down another aisle.  Lots of people.  Julian lagging behind us.  Suddenly I hear:  "Wait!  WAIT!  Mommy, YOU NEED THIS!".  He runs towards me.  Everyone in the aisle turns towards him.  Clenched in his little hand is a bottle of KY lubricant.  I think it was shaped like a penis.  

Happy 100th Blog!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh, it was my pleasure...

My Sista, Julian, Nora and I went to our mom & dad's farm this weekend for a visit.  We had a great time.  Their satellite TV was not working, and that turned out to be a good thing as we spent the evening looking through old photo albums while enjoying a lovely bottle of wine.  We discovered a sweet little keepsake book that mom had put together when my brother was a baby.  I was reading through the flower delivery cards mom had received in the hospital.  They were of the usual just-had-a-baby variety:  "Congratulations!"  "Lot's of love..."  "It's a boy!" etc.  Until I came across the one from my dad.  It's so sweet that he had flowers delivered to her, and I couldn't help picture him ordering them over the phone (young, excited... slightly nervous):

Dad:  "Uh, yah... hi.  I would like to order some flowers."
Flower Lady:  "Wonderful sir, I will make out the card for you, what would you like it to say?"

(Keep in mind I can hear my dad blush when I say "I love you" over the phone... there is usually a long pause on the other end of the line, then he says:  "Um, yah... same here, bye.")

Dad:  "Um... Thanks for... the son."
Flower Lady:  "And, who shall I sign it from?"
Dad:  "Johnny."

Awww... love you daddy.


Monday, November 10, 2008

I am... NOT.

Driving home tonight:

Me:  "Nora, are you a good girl?"
Nora:  "Yes."
Me:  "Are you a funny girl?"
Nora:  "Yes."
Me:  "Are you a silly girl?"
Nora:  "Yes."
Me:  "Are you a pretty girl?"
Nora:  "Yes."
Me:  "Are you a smart girl?"
Nora:  "NO!"

And she looked at me with complete and utter disgust.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

I love her.

Andrew has brought Julian ice skating every week for the past three weeks, bless him.
Julian HATES it.
Julian:  "Ice is slippery.  I don't like skating, mommy."
Last weekend was a debacle, or so I hear.  I was "busy" around the house with Nora.  To be honest, I am not one for skating, or arenas in general.  I would much rather be at home, doing... "stuff".

Nanny and Pop were there to witness the debacle last weekend, from all accounts Julian was paralyzed with fear.  He had a big fall the weekend before, and had not gotten over it.  He would not move.  Well, until the lady in the yellow coat came along.  She had a daughter of her own.  She saw Julian crying and she came to the rescue.  She inspired him to skate.  I have to be honest, Nanny sent me photos, but I didn't think much of the entire situation.  Until later this week.  I was driving Julian to his first eye exam.  Out of nowhere he said:
"Mommy, I don't like skating."
Me:  "No?"
Julian:  "No mommy, ice is slippery."
Me:  "Oh."
Julian:  "The lady in the yellow coat help me mommy."
Me:  "I know, she was nice."
Julian:  "I want a mommy just like her."
Me:  "Julian!  You already have a mommy."
Julian:  "I love her, mommy."
Me:  "Really, what about your own mommy?"
Julian:  "I love you too mommy.  I love two ladies."

My heart sank.
My stomach ached.
My son loves TWO ladies.

I guess I'll be going to the arena from now on.