Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Let it snow...

Putting Julian to bed tonight:
Me:  "Merry Christmas Julian."
Julian:  "Mommy, what is your present for Christmas?"
Me:  "I don't want anything, I already have the best presents of all, you and Nora."
Julian:  "Mommy!  I am NOT a present!"
Me:  "Okay, what do you think I should get for a present?"
Julian:  "Maybe a.... shovel?"
Me:  "Nice."
Julian:  "Or... a watering can?"

Have a beautiful Christmas.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I have realized that taste for the "good things" comes as a progression:

Step 1.  cheap champagne/sparkling (a la Baby Duck or Spumante Bambino)
Step 2.  sweet white
Step 3.  dry white
Step 4.  red

Step 1.  Frappuccino
Step 2.  Cappuccino
Step 3.  Latte
Step 4.  Espresso (still not quite there...)

Step 1.  The bad boy.
Step 2.  The really super nice guy (who you will inevitably treat terribly, because he is far too nice to you).
Step 3.  The guy who treats you well, but makes you think.  He loves apples.  Marry this one.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Say What?

Tonight when I got home Andrew told me that Nora had been sitting beside him playing with his Blackberry.  She was tapping away on the keys when he looked down and saw the following on the screen:


From the fingers of babes...


Monday, December 8, 2008

That's how I roll...

A few weeks ago I went to mom & dad's farm for a visit with Julian & Nora.  We were only staying one night, so I only needed one bag with all of our stuff.  I packed our requirements (only the necessities, of course).  I put the bag by the door.  As I went to pick up the bag and deliver it to the car I couldn't help but laugh... and take a photo.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

99 bottles of...

99 Posts.

Each time I sign in I see the number.  Surely, I can come up with something FANTABULOUS for my 100th post.  It'll be GREAT.  I'll write about, hmmmmm...  Let me think about it for a minute.

I have a couple of silly things that have occurred over the past few days, but are they 100th post-worthy?  I'm not so sure.  Ah, let's see.

Julian and Nora have been sick (again).  We made a trip to the doctor yesterday, and then to the drugstore to pick up some medication for them.  There was a 20 minute wait.  A 20 minute wait with a sick 1 and 3 year old is like a 3 hour wait for an adult on their own.  I placed (forced) Nora in the shopping cart, and Julian walked (kept running away) with us.  We went down each aisle twice.  I spent $58.16 on numerous items which I did not need, including a bag of organic cookies which Julian & Nora insisted I open, and they proceeded to eat (drop) half of the bag in the store.  I then decided to bide the rest of our time waiting in the "waiting area" beside the pharmacy.  This was a bad idea.  There was a wall of various, brightly coloured brochures.  Julian was perusing them.  He picked out a few.  I wasn't paying much attention.  I was too busy picking up dropped/mushed cookies from the floor.  He brought a brochure over to me.  "Mommy, this is for you."  The cover read:  "Women's Sexual Health".  Great.  Okay Julian, let's start walking again.  Down another aisle.  Lots of people.  Julian lagging behind us.  Suddenly I hear:  "Wait!  WAIT!  Mommy, YOU NEED THIS!".  He runs towards me.  Everyone in the aisle turns towards him.  Clenched in his little hand is a bottle of KY lubricant.  I think it was shaped like a penis.  

Happy 100th Blog!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh, it was my pleasure...

My Sista, Julian, Nora and I went to our mom & dad's farm this weekend for a visit.  We had a great time.  Their satellite TV was not working, and that turned out to be a good thing as we spent the evening looking through old photo albums while enjoying a lovely bottle of wine.  We discovered a sweet little keepsake book that mom had put together when my brother was a baby.  I was reading through the flower delivery cards mom had received in the hospital.  They were of the usual just-had-a-baby variety:  "Congratulations!"  "Lot's of love..."  "It's a boy!" etc.  Until I came across the one from my dad.  It's so sweet that he had flowers delivered to her, and I couldn't help picture him ordering them over the phone (young, excited... slightly nervous):

Dad:  "Uh, yah... hi.  I would like to order some flowers."
Flower Lady:  "Wonderful sir, I will make out the card for you, what would you like it to say?"

(Keep in mind I can hear my dad blush when I say "I love you" over the phone... there is usually a long pause on the other end of the line, then he says:  "Um, yah... same here, bye.")

Dad:  "Um... Thanks for... the son."
Flower Lady:  "And, who shall I sign it from?"
Dad:  "Johnny."

Awww... love you daddy.


Monday, November 10, 2008

I am... NOT.

Driving home tonight:

Me:  "Nora, are you a good girl?"
Nora:  "Yes."
Me:  "Are you a funny girl?"
Nora:  "Yes."
Me:  "Are you a silly girl?"
Nora:  "Yes."
Me:  "Are you a pretty girl?"
Nora:  "Yes."
Me:  "Are you a smart girl?"
Nora:  "NO!"

And she looked at me with complete and utter disgust.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

I love her.

Andrew has brought Julian ice skating every week for the past three weeks, bless him.
Julian HATES it.
Julian:  "Ice is slippery.  I don't like skating, mommy."
Last weekend was a debacle, or so I hear.  I was "busy" around the house with Nora.  To be honest, I am not one for skating, or arenas in general.  I would much rather be at home, doing... "stuff".

Nanny and Pop were there to witness the debacle last weekend, from all accounts Julian was paralyzed with fear.  He had a big fall the weekend before, and had not gotten over it.  He would not move.  Well, until the lady in the yellow coat came along.  She had a daughter of her own.  She saw Julian crying and she came to the rescue.  She inspired him to skate.  I have to be honest, Nanny sent me photos, but I didn't think much of the entire situation.  Until later this week.  I was driving Julian to his first eye exam.  Out of nowhere he said:
"Mommy, I don't like skating."
Me:  "No?"
Julian:  "No mommy, ice is slippery."
Me:  "Oh."
Julian:  "The lady in the yellow coat help me mommy."
Me:  "I know, she was nice."
Julian:  "I want a mommy just like her."
Me:  "Julian!  You already have a mommy."
Julian:  "I love her, mommy."
Me:  "Really, what about your own mommy?"
Julian:  "I love you too mommy.  I love two ladies."

My heart sank.
My stomach ached.
My son loves TWO ladies.

I guess I'll be going to the arena from now on.


Monday, October 27, 2008

It's all about me.

Today is my birthday.
I LOVE birthdays.
Usually I force everyone around me to celebrate "me" for the entire month of October.
Not this year.  I felt I was maturing.  I wanted to keep my birthday low-key.

I booked Friday and Monday off of work.  My plan was to run all sorts of errands on Friday, and maybe sneak in a mani-pedi if I had a spare hour.  Saturday mom was due to arrive, Andrew and I would be able to go out for a lovely dinner.  Sunday we would take Julian and Nora to a pumkin patch, and Monday would be "mom & me day".  We would shop from morning until night.  Nothing crazy.  No huge parties.  No drunken debacles.  Oh yes, I have matured...

Wednesday night my throat started to hurt.
Thursday struggled through work with a fever.
Friday Nora was sent home at noon with a fever.
Saturday, Sunday today... Nora and I sick, sick, sick.
Not quite the birthday weekend I had planned.  However, there were some nice little treats along the way.

On Friday I received the sweetest apple card from Tania in Belgium via snail mail.  She really is a little sweetheart.
Last night Andrew surprised me with some of my favourite wine and gifts from him and the children (including a card Julian selected that says:  "For a cool boy, a birthday race car VROOM VROOM!").
This morning Nanny arrived with lots of new jammies.
Today mom still came to visit for a few days, and she is cooking me my favourite meal for dinner (Sista is joining us as well, always a treat!).
Nora has wanted nothing more than for me to hold her for three days in a row.

Happy birthday to me!


P.S.  Today I look nothing like this photo.  But it's my birthday - so I am allowed to use a photo from a time when my nose was not running profusely.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A rose by any other name...

Nora can say everyone's names, or at least make recognizable attempts at them:

"Ju-Ju" (Julian)
"Voviver" (Oliver)
"Mama" (Grandma)
"Ti-Ti" (Auntie Shari)
"Kee" (Auntie Kari)
"In" (Uncle Ian)
"Rad" (Uncle Brad)
"Isa" (Auntie Lisa)
"Rordan" (Jordan)
"Bajco" (Jacob)

Up until now, she would not even attempt to say her own name.  It was actually becoming very frustrating.  You could go through the list of names above, and she would repeat every single one of them, then you would say:  "Nora"  silence...

That was until last night.  I was rhyming off the usual list, and I got to Nora... her response?

"Zsa Zsa"

Well, at least her Hungarian Poppa will be happy.


Thank you to my dear friend Tara from Seven Spoons who surprised me by aging this photo.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Wordle pulls the most common words used in any document, and transforms it into, well - this.  It makes the most commonly used words the largest.  Tonight I decided to make my own wordle using a link to Clinka's Apples.  

It reminds me of our wedding cake.  It was white, and written in white icing were words that had special meaning for us as we fell in love.  
Little.  Powerful.  Words.

I like it.  I think it's a framer.


Splish Splash.

Tonight Julian and Nora were sharing a bubble bath.  Nora spent 5 minutes washing Julian's back.  Julian just sat and played, unaware of her being a little mommy.  I couldn't help but think what a beautiful moment I was witnessing.  They have such a stunning innocence at their age.  No self awareness, no self consciousness, they just exist, they just are.


Monday, October 13, 2008

All in the family...

When my Sista started blogging in 2006 I thought it was pure genious (that is her pictured above, poor girl had no idea Julian was quickly approaching her head with a tennis racket!).  If you have some time, have a read through her blog... I promise you will laugh out loud more than once.  I love how she writes.  In May 2007 she stopped writing, I keep trying to convince her to go back to it, but I have not been successful... YET.  I thank her for introducing me to the world of blogging.

I started my blog last year, and nanny started shortly after.  This past week my cousin-in-law started and now Jenny has as well!  I love it.  Now, we just have to get Sista back.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Old Friends...

Stranger:  "Do you have a girlfriend?"
Julian:  "Yes."
Stranger:  "What is her name?"
Julian:  "Sophia."

Can you blame him?


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

La Lou.

I am quite certain this is the universal translation used to say:  "I love you" for all children under the age of two.  Every night, as I tuck Nora into her bed she says this loudly as I leave the room.  They are the two most beautiful words in the world.

A few days ago Nora awoke from a nap.  The following was our conversation.  Keep in mind, she has no idea what she is saying, and was merely utilizing her limited vocabulary, but that doesn't make it any less humorous.

Me:  "What did you dream about, Nora?"
Nora:  "Daddy."
Me:  "What was Daddy doing?"
Nora:  "Mommy."

Bless her cotton socks.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sleepy Fish.

Nora went to mama & pappa's farm for a week this summer.  My mom and dad have a beautiful fish pond at the side of their house.  Nora would have been content to spend the entire day sitting beside the pond watching the fish (see above photos).  When she came home from the farm visit, she suddenly developed an interest in Nemo, our pet fish, which was a gift from nanny, and had been entirely ignored by both children until that point.

Unfortunately, Nemo has not been "well" as of late.  He has become increasingly lethargic over the past week and a half.  Now he spends all of his time lying on his side at the bottom of the bowl (I am basically counting down the days to his death, and just do not have the heart to flush him).  Nora will walk up to the bowl, point and say:  "Fishy, eat.".  At this point you have to pick her up and shake the bowl so that Nemo will attempt to swim.  Then as he slowly sinks to the bottom again she will look at you, and there is confusion in those beautiful brown eyes - so of course I feel the need to offer some sort of explanation.  All I could think of as a response is:  "Fishy is sleepy".

Tonight during Nora's bath she was playing with a plastic fish in the tub.  She made the fish swim.  She filled it with water.  She dumped it out.  She lay the fish on it's side on the edge of the tub, said:  "Night-night Fishy" and gave it a kiss.  


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Julian tonight:

"I need a musical instrument, mommy... so I can make music."

(Thoughts of Julliard begin twirling through my my mind.  Julian, child prodigy, musical genious, seated at a piano, or on a stool playing accoustic guitar.  In a theatre filled to capacity.  All eyes on him.  I look at Julian, he looks back at me, very serious expression.)

"Mommy.  I need a tuba."


Friday, September 12, 2008


I am very aware that life is grand, and I am an incredibly lucky girl... however I just need to divulge the details of today.

1.  It was pouring rain all day.  When I brought Julian and Nora to daycare this morning we had to park across the road and run across (me in high heels and a dress).  Half way there Julian decided that he wanted to "play".  I had taken my umbrella out of my purse, and left it in my office yesterday, assuming I wouldn't need it.

2.  I had my annual "lady" doctors appointment, which I had to leave work for.  Yuck.

3.  I had a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction on the way back, when the slit on the side of my dress became approximately 3 inches higher than it should be as I exited the car from the aforementioned doctors appointment.

4.  My hair was in a bun, but it kept falling out.

5.  I work in an office, often I have meetings away from my office, on "site".  Today was one of those days (yes, a meeting with various managers in a dress with a slit up to my...).  I also have to pick up Julian and Nora from daycare on Fridays - I have to be there by 5pm.  I left the 9th floor of the parking garage at 4:15pm - PLENTY of time.  I reached the 8th floor.  STOP.  The cars were not moving.  Next came about 5 frantic, tear-filled phone calls from my cell phone to daycare, nanny, and sista-in-law, Kee to arrange an alternate pick up.  Bless Kee who picked up both children, sleeping bags (they send them home every two weeks), crafts, shoes, coats, hats (while also carrying her own two year old), and somehow managed it all with a smile.

6.  Children in car.  Exhausted.  Driving down the highway home.  BEEP.  No gas.  Made it to the gas station on fumes.  Got out.  Gas cap would not unlock.  Had to ask a stranger to press the release button while I jammed a paperclip in to open it up (yes, all while wearing a dress with a slit up to my, you know).  My hands now covered in a mysterious black, oily substance.  Also forgot that gas prices rose overnight.  It cost $70 to fill my VW Beetle.

7.  Home.  Done.  Finished.  Hungry children.  Hungry mommy.  Grocery day is tomorrow.  Pancakes and fruit for dinner.

Tonight I will be having a BIG glass of wine before bed.  Maybe a bubble bath as well...


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Nose Knows.

Before bed tonight I decided to let Julian know exactly how I feel:

Me:  "Julian, I have to tell you... I think you are grand, and I love you so very much.  Mommy is so happy to have such a special, wonderful little boy."


Julian:  "Mommy?"  
(then, he broke into his own made-up song)  
"I don't know how to touch your nose.
I don't know how to touch your nose.  
I try, and try, and try and try... 
but I don't know how to touch your nose..."


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Farm life... and death.

My parent's farm is a wonderful place to visit.  Especially with Julian and Nora.  They are in a constant state of awe.  From the moment they step out of the car, you can see the sense of freedom register on their faces.  They can run, and jump and play without constant direction from us - because there is just so much space and it is so safe.  

There is, however a dark side to farm life, that I remember quite well from my youth.  Farm children learn about death at a young age, whether it is from losing pet dogs to a variety of vehicle mishaps (must explain that one in a future post) or running over a toad with the tractor (by accident of course), no one had to explain death to me.

We decided to bring the children to the farm for a sleep over this week, and we were inundated with insect/animal deaths:

Experience #1:  We were roaming around the barn, and Nora was busy playing her favourite game of "throw pebbles into the grate".  I walked over to the grate, peered inside, to find a dead bird at the bottom.  I told my mom to come and take a look.  Of course, Julian followed and said:  "What is that bird doing?".  We all just looked at each other, unsure of who was going to break the news, we all silently decided to move along and not discuss it.

Experience #2:  There is a huge greenhouse on the farm, and one of my FAVOURITE hobbies as a little girl was collecting the unfortunate butterflies who made their way into the greenhouse, but couldn't find their way out.  They die in the heat under the glass, and dry beautifully.  My mom brought out a box of butterflies for me from the greenhouse during our visit (see photo), and again Julian said:  "What are the butterflies doing?".  Silence.

Experience #3:  We had managed to avoid the "death talk" through the entire visit, and were about to go into the house for dinner before the two hour drive home.  Julian was walking up the stairs to the porch with Grandpa, when I heard Julian say:  "Grandpa.  What is that bug doing?"  then I heard STOMP!  Grandpa smooshed the bug with his (very heavy) work boot.  Julian was in hysterics:  "I wanted to see the bug!!!  Grandpa killed the bug!!!".  Needless to say, we didn't have to explain that the bug was dead, and Grandpa has learned that his grandson is all city...

On a lighter note, a few sweet pre-bed words from Julian tonight:

"Mommy, I will always be with you, and I will always take care of you when things go wrong." 

I have no idea where a 3.5yr old comes up with this stuff... but I'll take it.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

For her birthday...

Today Ava should be 5 years old.  I wrote this for her lovely mum Sheye a while ago, and wanted to share it today...  

when you feel the tears begin to flow, let them go
they fill the pond with water for the mermaid to have a swim

when you feel the butterflies in your tummy, let them go
so they can fly to her and make her smile

when you feel that your world is spinning out of control, let it
it will help to turn the carousel where she is enjoying a beautiful ride

fly Superprincess... fly.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I don't want to grow up.

Julian stayed in Nora's room tonight as I was getting her ready for bed.  The lights were out, curtains drawn, soft music playing while I rocked her to sleep.  

Julian:  "Mommy, I want to be a baby again."
Me:  "Why?"
Julian:  "Because it is nice to be a baby."
Me:  "But, it is nice to be a big boy too."
Julian:  "No, being a big boy is lousy."


Monday, August 18, 2008


It was lovely out tonight.  I decided to go for a walk with Julian and Nora.  Julian rode his bike.  Nora "walked" behind her bike pushing it.  All was well.  We made it half way around the block when suddenly Nora decided she didn't want to wear shoes.  She sat on the side walk, tossed her little orange crocs to the side, and began running across someone's lawn.  I tried to politely explain to her that she needed to wear shoes while out for a walk, there could be glass, not to mention a million other disgusting things on the ground.  She wouldn't hear of it.  It got ugly, quick.  Little, 20 pound Nora, threw herself on the sidewalk, screaming, scrunched up little fists pounding the ground.  Me, still in work skirt, blouse and heels, picked her up, and and marched home as quickly as one can while carrying a screaming child, pink tricycle, two orange crocs and a hat.  By the time we arrived at our house, it was all I could do to get them inside (what must the neighbours be thinking?...).  I sat on the couch with Julian, trying to ignore Nora's whimpers.  She walked up to me, and I looked down.  She had put her shoes on, and she was smiling.



Saturday, August 2, 2008

My love & things.

One of my favourite things about Andrew is that he knows about things.  He knows about music things, book things, world things, just things in general.  I really like that about him, because when I reach the point where I feel I must be aware of all things, he suggests a song I should listen to, or a website I should check out, etc.  Just the other day he introduced me to the work of Banksy.  I am in love all over again... 

Thank you sweet pea, for sharing so many beautiful things.  Happy 6 Years.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

He knows too much.

Tonight before bed:

Julian:  "Mommy, I am growing a mustache, because I am a big boy."
Me:  "Really?"
Julian:  "Yes.  Mommy, why do boys grow mustaches?"
Me:  "Um, because they are boys, and boys grow hair on their face."
Julian:  "Mommy, why do you have a mustache?"

I have now realized it was not a good idea to bring Julian to my last waxing appointment.