Monday, October 27, 2008

It's all about me.

Today is my birthday.
I LOVE birthdays.
Usually I force everyone around me to celebrate "me" for the entire month of October.
Not this year.  I felt I was maturing.  I wanted to keep my birthday low-key.

I booked Friday and Monday off of work.  My plan was to run all sorts of errands on Friday, and maybe sneak in a mani-pedi if I had a spare hour.  Saturday mom was due to arrive, Andrew and I would be able to go out for a lovely dinner.  Sunday we would take Julian and Nora to a pumkin patch, and Monday would be "mom & me day".  We would shop from morning until night.  Nothing crazy.  No huge parties.  No drunken debacles.  Oh yes, I have matured...

Wednesday night my throat started to hurt.
Thursday struggled through work with a fever.
Friday Nora was sent home at noon with a fever.
Saturday, Sunday today... Nora and I sick, sick, sick.
Not quite the birthday weekend I had planned.  However, there were some nice little treats along the way.

On Friday I received the sweetest apple card from Tania in Belgium via snail mail.  She really is a little sweetheart.
Last night Andrew surprised me with some of my favourite wine and gifts from him and the children (including a card Julian selected that says:  "For a cool boy, a birthday race car VROOM VROOM!").
This morning Nanny arrived with lots of new jammies.
Today mom still came to visit for a few days, and she is cooking me my favourite meal for dinner (Sista is joining us as well, always a treat!).
Nora has wanted nothing more than for me to hold her for three days in a row.

Happy birthday to me!


P.S.  Today I look nothing like this photo.  But it's my birthday - so I am allowed to use a photo from a time when my nose was not running profusely.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love jenn

Clippy Mat said...

happy birthday. you're right it's all about YOU.
we will gladly dedicate the remainder of october and the first half of november to your birthday if you'd only get well and stop being a snot factory.

enjoy your chicken and nuclear dumplings.

Little Sweethearts said...

I'm sorry your weekend didn't go as planned but I'm sure a mature woman like yourself is able to put all that behind her ;)

Happy birthday Jules!


E and T said...

Happy birthday to you. I am sorry to hear that you and Nora have been so unwell. That's no way to spend your birthday. I hope you and Nora are feeling better now. Hopefully, you can do some of the things you had planned to do over your birthday weekend when you are fully recovered.

How cute that Nora says Zsa Zsa when referring to herself. Isn't it funny the things they refuse to say.


belleandboo said...

hAppy Belated Birthday

Sara said...

oh no, shame about you being ill - hope the family looked after you.

Take Care x Maegan said...

oh, Happy Birthday!!! ...a little late :) Hope it was wonderful.

Sheye Rosemeyer said...

Oh I'm so late, I'm sorry.
Happy Birthday for before.
Love S xx

Sheye Rosemeyer said...

Heehee, I just looked at the dates and it's a month late. Perhaps I should have just got in early for next year :p
S x