Saturday, October 18, 2008

A rose by any other name...

Nora can say everyone's names, or at least make recognizable attempts at them:

"Ju-Ju" (Julian)
"Voviver" (Oliver)
"Mama" (Grandma)
"Ti-Ti" (Auntie Shari)
"Kee" (Auntie Kari)
"In" (Uncle Ian)
"Rad" (Uncle Brad)
"Isa" (Auntie Lisa)
"Rordan" (Jordan)
"Bajco" (Jacob)

Up until now, she would not even attempt to say her own name.  It was actually becoming very frustrating.  You could go through the list of names above, and she would repeat every single one of them, then you would say:  "Nora"  silence...

That was until last night.  I was rhyming off the usual list, and I got to Nora... her response?

"Zsa Zsa"

Well, at least her Hungarian Poppa will be happy.


Thank you to my dear friend Tara from Seven Spoons who surprised me by aging this photo.


Anonymous said...

ive only heard her on the phone but she sunds like a little angel, so soft and sweet

i just cant wait to get my hands on her for a big squeeze !

and if she says my name i'll die a happy lady

that picture is beautiful! i hope you take these in or send them in for a photo album, i worry about losing these photos when they are all digital. i love real photo albums and need to get sorted and print loads out !


Clippy Mat said...

Zsa Zsa!
it's perfect.
and did she say
'dahlink' after it?
what a sweetheart.

Little Sweethearts said...

It think the girl just got herself a nickname.

When Robin was little he used Bin Bin for himself. I can't even remember what Caitlin said. Too bad I didn't blog back then.


Does it come in pink? said...

I love the photo, and as for Zsa Zsa, it's gorgeous. If only I could have another girl- she'd be Zsa Zsa, it's perfect!


Gill - That British Woman said...

I love that photo, and I love the name Nora.........I popped over from Clippy Mat's blog......I'm another Brit living in Canada.

Gill in Canada

belleandboo said...

Nora is such a pretty name & that photo is adorable