Monday, October 13, 2008

All in the family...

When my Sista started blogging in 2006 I thought it was pure genious (that is her pictured above, poor girl had no idea Julian was quickly approaching her head with a tennis racket!).  If you have some time, have a read through her blog... I promise you will laugh out loud more than once.  I love how she writes.  In May 2007 she stopped writing, I keep trying to convince her to go back to it, but I have not been successful... YET.  I thank her for introducing me to the world of blogging.

I started my blog last year, and nanny started shortly after.  This past week my cousin-in-law started and now Jenny has as well!  I love it.  Now, we just have to get Sista back.



Clippy Mat said...

i agree. let's bring sista back. i miss her blog, and have told her this. she has a unique perspective and a gift for writing.
she's also a lovely person.

and i'm so thrilled that we is a blogging family.
kee? thru the eyes of a mommy to be?
judi? on the farm and daily life in the country?

clinka: i was wondering who the people with numbers were on you blog.....??
silly me.

Clippy Mat said...

p.s. see my blog.
you have been tagged.

Jenn said...

hayhhyahhh i like this blog world
i'll try to write some fun stuff or interesting things as I go.

if anything the family will enjoy it while i'm away

love ya and your blog and song and children


Jenn said...

lol the word verification showed up on my post above

Sara said...

your sister has a beautiful, writing style..and thanks for the advert!! x

belleandboo said...

gosh I love the fire, chimney thingy in your garden