Tuesday, August 30, 2011

baby talk.

Nora is spending some time with Nanny and Pop this week. Nanny emailed me the following conversation she had with Nora today in the car:

Nora: I see a crane.
Nanny: Yes, it's downtown. That's close to where your Daddy used to live, downtown. They're building a big parking lot there now.
Nora: Did I live there too?
Nanny: No you weren't born yet.
Nora: Was I in Mommy?
Nanny: No, Daddy didn't know Mommy yet. They weren't married yet.
Nora: Where was I?
Nanny: You weren't here. Then Daddy met Mommy and they got married and then they had you and Julian.
pause for thought..........
Nora: Did you have any children?
Nanny: Yes, I had 3.
Nora: Who are your children?
Nanny: Daddy, Uncle Ian and Aunty Jenny.
Nora: and Mommy.
Nanny: No, not Mommy.
Nora: Not Mommy? Who got Mommy?
Nanny: Grandma
Nanny: Grandma got Mommy?
Nanny: Yes, and Aunty Shari and Uncle Brad. Grandma had three children too.
Nora: Aunty Shari doesn't have children.
Nanny: No.
Nora: I don't want to have children either.
Nanny: No?
Nora: No. I don't! Do I have to have them?
Nanny: No but you're only young now you might change your mind.
Nora: No, I won't! I want to be like Aunty Shari. She doesn't want childrens either. I'm just going to be me!
Nanny: Okay then.
Nora: When we get back I want to ride the scooter around the block and take Bella for a walk.
Nanny: Okay then.
Nora: and I'm not having children.
Nanny: Okay then.