Wednesday, September 24, 2008

La Lou.

I am quite certain this is the universal translation used to say:  "I love you" for all children under the age of two.  Every night, as I tuck Nora into her bed she says this loudly as I leave the room.  They are the two most beautiful words in the world.

A few days ago Nora awoke from a nap.  The following was our conversation.  Keep in mind, she has no idea what she is saying, and was merely utilizing her limited vocabulary, but that doesn't make it any less humorous.

Me:  "What did you dream about, Nora?"
Nora:  "Daddy."
Me:  "What was Daddy doing?"
Nora:  "Mommy."

Bless her cotton socks.


Clippy Mat said...

ha ha too funny little noo noo.
a very perceptive child (with a bit of a potty mouth?) hmmm

Sara said...

haha thats made me laugh loudly in my office! Hilarious!
cutey pie.

aunty Vron said...

aaahh la lou too noo noo xx

Little Sweethearts said...

Apparently (La) Lou is all around...