Monday, March 17, 2008


When you first begin to tell people that you are pregnant, they express pure joy and excitement for you.  As your pregnancy progresses people will begin to tell you about all of the sleepless nights you are in for.  Once you are between 7 and 9 months preggers, complete strangers will find joy in describing the extreme pain and torture associated with childbirth.  Many will, without invitation, even share their own personal birthing stories.  There is one thing no one will warn you about, though... and I'm unsure why.  No one will warn you about the sickies.  The fact that the beautiful newborn you cuddle in your arms will one day leave the house to go to daycare or school, and for the next two years will either have a fever, snotty nose, runny poo, or something equally distressing.  Once every few weeks you will find yourself sending an email, or making a phone call to work at 6am, letting them know that, yes, once again - you will not be in today.  Well, I am breaking the code of silence, and spreading the word.  Little ones get sick.... A LOT!



Clippy Mat said...

as with all of childhood this is just a stage..... soon to be replaced with something much less awful, hopefully. poor juju and noo noo :-(( and their snotty little schnecks :-)

Anonymous said...

I wish that I looked that cute when I'm sick!