Saturday, August 2, 2008

My love & things.

One of my favourite things about Andrew is that he knows about things.  He knows about music things, book things, world things, just things in general.  I really like that about him, because when I reach the point where I feel I must be aware of all things, he suggests a song I should listen to, or a website I should check out, etc.  Just the other day he introduced me to the work of Banksy.  I am in love all over again... 

Thank you sweet pea, for sharing so many beautiful things.  Happy 6 Years.



Anonymous said...

if i were to write a blog about all the things you've taught me over the last six years i'd crash your blogger website! you are my teacher and a wonderful woman, mother and wife. to many more.

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

What a gorgeous post and an even more gorgeous comment. Is it your anniversary or did you just feel like writting about your love?

Is that a new header or am I just really bad at noticing things and it's been like that for months!!

sara said...

aww you two are so sweet!!

I love Banksy...seen some of his 'art' in the flesh - Its all over London!
There are greetings cards too that are sweet..


clinka said...

hi em,

thank you - it was our 6th anniversary on saturday...
my header hasn't changed, but i'm glad you noticed it :)


Little Sweethearts said...

Happy anniversary!


kristen said...

Happy anniversary. Gorgeous post. Hope you had a fab weekend
Love and daisies