Thursday, April 2, 2009

Place of Origin.

Discussion in the car this morning:

Julian:  "Mommy, where was Nora when I was a baby?"
Me:  "Ummmm, she didn't really exist... yet."
Julian:  "Was she in Daddy's belly?"
Me:  "No, not really..."
Julian:  "Where was she, Mommy?"
Me:  "Maybe she was with God."
Julian:  "Did God make my sister?"
Me:  "Yes, kind-of."
Julian:  (laughing) "That's silly, Mommy.  God made my sister like people making race cars!"

He then burst into hysterics.
I was just pleased we didn't have to venture into the "baby in Daddy's belly" territory.



Anonymous said...

He is a funny guy.....Be prepared the questions get harder. I would love to have this mom

Clippy Mat said...

too funny.

Kee said...

hahahahaha....uh oh!

Last Forty Percent said...

This is hilarious!
- bri

Anonymous said...

aww ha ha what a funny boy, nora takes such a gorgeous photo and her hair looks so fair

xx jenn