Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beautiful Boy.

This is my lovely Andrew, when he was just a wee tot.  I love this photo.  The expression on his face is so... him.  Cute, yet intelligent... actually, too intelligent for a child.  When I broke up with the fella I was dating prior to Andrew I told my mom that I was bored, and I wanted a challenge.  Andrew certainly fit that bill... I have never been bored since.

I love you, beautiful boy.  Happy Birthday.


Clippy Mat said...

this photo is actually so untypical of that beautiful boy. the coat was a hand me down which he never wore before or since the photo. it was taken at a friend's wedding in november in 1973 i think. he was being babysat by his grandmother but came to the church to watch because she loves a good wedding.
she must have added the coat and the wedding photographer immortalized the moment on the church steps. i almost feel he looks insulted that he's dressed like one of the 'royal children'. underneath i think he was wearing nice shorts and a t-shirt.... in november? not sure why. but grandmother probably thought it was appropriate wedding attire.
ah happy days :-)))

tara said...

What a lovely photograph of your man as a wee boy! I love to look at photos like this where you can see the beginnings of the man you will someday marry; how amazing it is. And just think, we shall one day look at our adult children, then look at baby photos and feel the same way. Happy (belated) birthday to your husband!

belleandboo said...

ooh I LOVE this photo