Thursday, February 5, 2009

dee-doo.... out.

Nora loves her soother.  Of course no child ever calls it a "soother", do they?  Nora calls hers a "dee-doo".  I don't know who needs it more, her or us.  We have come close to breaking the habit before, but we broke down each time.  She would bang into something and scream:  "DEEEEEE-DOOOOOO", or she would get sick and pathetically whimper:  "dee-doo" :(  How can you possibly say no?!  The most frustrating part was that Miss Anna (her lovely daycare teacher) informed us that she goes the ENTIRE DAY there (including nap time) without it.  Humph.  Enough is enough I say.

Today Nanny picked up Julian and Nora.  They got back to her house.  Nora said:  "Dee-doo, Nanny?"... Nanny looked around.  No dee-doo.  Nora got over it - quickly.  Then I arrived to pick them up.  Nora SCREAMED:  "DEE-DOO!"... I didn't have one either.  I momentarily felt a real sense of panic.  Then I thought, I can do this!  She cried for a moment, but again she got over it.  We drove home and walked in the door, Nora ran to daddy:  "DEE-DOO!"... and believe it or not, there actually wasn't one in our entire house.  It also happens to be incredibly cold out today.  Terrible dee-doo shopping weather.  So, this was it.  It was time.  The forecast said so.  I "pretended" to look around for said dee-doo with Nora.  I explained to her that there wasn't one anywhere... then I said:  "Oh, Nora!  Do you know what this means?"  She looked at me, wide-eyed.  "This means you are a BIG GIRL NOW!"  Guess what?  She bought it.  Tonight, for the first time in two years she went to bed without a dee-doo, and before she fell asleep she actually carried on a conversation with me.  Amazing what a two-year old can say without a dee-doo in her mouth!



Anonymous said...

Way to go more dee-doo out kisses. love you mom

Clippy Mat said...

little noo noo. no more dee doo. what a big girl. well done mommy.

Sara said...

I remember when Lucy gave up her doo dee (as she called it). It was a similar story actually.. she decided one day, whilst eating dinner, that she was going to be a big girl and she threw it in the bin!!

love S x

Vron x said...

well done Noo noo -what a big girl!! your Daddy used to say goya goya goya with his doddee in -how cute!! x

Anonymous said...

awww what a big girl
bless her
haha so sweet
xxx jenn

belleandboo said...

that is such a sweet story