Friday, September 4, 2009

the note.

It was a monumental day at our house today... Julian and Nora had a babysitter for the first time. Well, a babysitter who wasn't a blood relative for the first time. Call us over-protective, but they have never been watched by someone other than us, or a mom/dad/sister/brother... crazy, I know. They LOVED it. When Melanie left I asked Julian if he had fun, and his reply was: "Yes, I love her.".

About 5 minutes after Melanie left he asked if he could write her a letter, I told him I would write it if he wanted to tell me what he would like to say. The following is the exact transcript:

Dear Melanie,

Just a note to say: dress warmly, eat well, stay safe and sound. Grow your garden very big. We're always there for you.


We delivered the letter to her, and on the way home Julian said: "Oh, no... I forgot: 'keep on smiling'..." Luckily before he could overanalyze the missed sentiment he found a bottle cap on the ground (his new favourite toy/collectable item). He then exclaimed: "Wow! This is my lucky day!".



Little Sweethearts said...

I guess he's seen the Tigger movie a few times? ;)

We've never had a 'real' babysitter either. And my son is 9...


Clippy Mat said...

Julian: you little letter writing lover you. So sweet. :-)

clinka said...

That is too funny - we just watched the Tigger movie the day before - but I have never paid much attention to it! Here I thought Julian was a lyrical genius!


ready.2.spark said...

Jeez, those are grown up sentiments! :)