Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh, so scary.

I went to the big city over the weekend to visit my lovely friend, Jenny. I was taking the train home after a very relaxing two days. We enjoyed some shopping, lunch with champagne, pizza and wine, an afternoon nap and a great night's sleep... ahhhh... I put on my iPod, leaned back in my seat, and began to close my eyes. No one was asking me for anything... just me, so very relaxed. Something caught my attention in the train car ahead of me. A figure swung around the corner, stealth-like... and was hiding behind the entry way to the car I was sitting in. I could feel my heart begin to pound harder. I could hear every beat in my ears. Slowly, methodically the figure was moving. Sliding something from it's back.... two very large, very sharp swords. I thought I was going to be sick. I could barely breathe. Then I saw the clothing... all dressed in black, face covered. A Ninja. How is this possible? A Ninja on the Go Train. Surely this couldn't be happening, certainly it wasn't all going to end like this. The Ninja then stormed down the steps, running towards me. I gasped, I was about to scream.... as the Ninja came nearer I closed my eyes tightly, and opened them just in time to realize the Ninja was a 6 year old boy, in his Halloween costume.



Photo: Nora's First Halloween 2007


Jennifer said...

This is my Vegas baby!

Clippy Mat said...

you had me going there. i thought he'd put the death moves on you, but i think you could handle a ninja or two. :-)

clinka said...

honestly... i was COMPLETELY ready to take him out - that would have been even more embarrassing!