Monday, January 2, 2012

Marketing for Children.

Today is Nora's fifth birthday. After a day of festivities she was in the bath. She looked at her legs and said: "Mommy, why is there hair on my legs?". I replied: "Because you have hair on your legs, it's ok - Mommy does too." (it is winter, after all...).

Her response?: "Mommy, we need to get a 'no! no!', you rub it on your legs - and they are hair-free for weeks!".

If only I would have known, I could have bought her one for her birthday instead of Serafina, the Fidjit that says the same five things over and over...



Anonymous said...

H&S have both told me to order it...what does that mean????

clinka said...

it means we are very hairy gals - but that is ok. :)