Thursday, February 28, 2008


I feel good & guilty all at once tonight.  I started taking yoga again, after four years of pregnancy & nursing & pregnancy & nursing I am beginning to feel like my body is my own, and it is time to give it a little stretch.  It felt wonderful to spend 1hr 15mins completely and utterly for me.  In a softly-lit room with four other women and mellow music, the experience almost brought me to tears.  Our instructor advised that those of us who haven't been practicing yoga regularly may be sore over the next few days and we should treat ourselves to warm baths, herbal tea and lots of water.  I picked up Taco Bell on the way home.  Two bean burritos and a ginger ale later - I am truly in my zen space.


Photo from baby & mommy yoga with Julian, three years ago.


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Yoga, One of those things I really want to do but I'm just too tired to do it.

It sounds blissfull, the taco Bell bit!!

No seriously, my chiropractor keeps telling me i should try it but by the time Craig comes home at night to watch the kids I'm too tired to go out.

Kee said...

you sooooo deserve that! keep it up! always nice to find your zen and then indulge in a little Taco Bell. And of course you have to top it off with the Champagne of all Gingerales!

Capture said...

Hi Clinka - I just stumbled upon your blog through Belle and Boo and saw this post. So weird as I posted on the 29th with the same title as I ALSO recently just got back into yoga...and LOVING it. I would be on the Taco Bell train any day too! :)