Sunday, February 3, 2008

Perfectly perfect.

Tomorrow Julian turns three years old.  Today he thoroughly enjoyed his birthday party.  Lots of his favourite people were here to celebrate him.  He ate candies and cake.  He drank as many juice boxes as his little belly could handle.  He opened gift after gift, all perfect three-year-old-boy toys... robots, Spiderman, trains, a basketball net.  This evening Julian, Nora, Andrew and I were all absolutely spent.  We were literally lying in a heap on the living room floor, listening to music, playing with new toys.  Out of nowhere Nora, eyes half closed, crawled up to Julian, climbed up behind him, threw both of her arms around his neck, put one head to the side of his, closed her eyes and laughed out loud.  A wonderful, loud belly-laugh.  I swear, it was the most perfectly perfect moment of my life.  How is it possible that three years ago these little ones weren't here?  They are such a dream that it often doesn't even seem real.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  After their bath, I was putting Julian's pyjamas on and I said:  "I can't believe you are almost three years old.".  His reply?:  "I can't believe you aren't Buzz Lightyear.".


Happy birthday, my sweet pea.



Clippy Mat said...

too beautiful for words. for once, i am speechles.
life is good. :-))

tara said...

So sweet; this honestly made me more than a little misty ... and then I hugged our Ben. Happy Birthday to Julian!