Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bless you.

Today I came home tired and hungry... very hungry.  I was pleased to find that Andrew had dinner prepared, and was getting Julian and Nora situated at the dining room table.  He asked me to put together a salad... it was a yummy one.  Baby spinach, beans, chickpeas, eggs... mmmmmm.  We sat down for a lovely family meal.  Music playing softly in the background.  All was well.  For about 30 seconds.  Nora started crying, which quickly turned into screaming.  She didn't want to eat.  Well, she didn't want to eat from her chair, she wanted to sit on mommy's lap (who could blame her?).  Honestly, I would have let her sit on top of my head if I could just keep eating (so very hungry).  So, Nora on my lap, pleased as punch... me munching away, trying to avoid getting pieces of egg in her hair, when it happened.  Nora sneezed.  A big, wet sneeze.  Right over my plate.  The room was silent.  Andrew looked up from his plate, but I could tell he did not want our eyes to meet.  He didn't want to be aware of what he knew would happen next.

Yes, I....



Clippy Mat said...

and knowing you and how you get stuck in when you are really hungry i can see that this would be true.
(i'd have probably done the same thing if i was that hungry as well)after all nora's sneezes are bound to be germ free, the little darling

Anonymous said...

mmmmm salad and NORA snot who needs dressing and its calorie

Little Sweethearts said...

So, are you sneezing yet?

Bless you ;)


Clippy Mat said...

I have given you the letter "P"
wonder what you will do with that?

tara said...

Ah the joys of Mummyhood. I have to admit, I have eaten more than a few meals shared with (actually mauled by) Benjamin.