Friday, January 2, 2009

Noo-Noo 2.

Today is Nora's second birthday.  I was in the shower this morning when she popped into the bathroom for a visit:

Me:  "Happy Birthday Nora!"
Nora:  "Santa come?"

Poor girl, her birthday will forever be shadowed by all of the glory that is Christmas.
Here she is in her new birthday toque... a must-have for winter birthdays in Canada.

Happy birthday, my little one.


Little Sweethearts said...

Happy Birthday Nora!

And to Jules: good luck with the terrible two's. You might be hearing more no-no than noo-noo this year :p

Happy New Year!


Clippy Mat said...

I vote we move NooNoo's birfday to middle of the year. I won't tell her the truth.... she'll thank us for it later.
Love you little noo noo. You are a sweetheart. :-))

wor vron said...

Happy birthday Nora! Love your new barnet -lotsa love and hugs 'great aunty vron' xxx

Sara said...

Happy Birthday little nora.
You look adorable in your new hat - in fact can I borrow it for my skiing trip?
Hope you had a fabulous party.

Love from your big cousin x