Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is one of my bestest friends in the world - Pamela.  We have known each other since grade 9.  We were a group of four besties in high school.  We graced one another with nick names that we never actually used.  She was Ace.  I was Lola.  Now Pamela lives far away, but when I am treated to a visit from her it is as though not a day has gone by... I love that.  Especially since I kinda stink as a friend, I'm terrible at "keeping in touch", returning phone calls and all of that stuff (thank goodness for the internet!).  

Pamela is a very talented artist, and she has recently started a new venture, smashable art... creating custom, one-of-a-kind pinatas.  You can view her wonderful creations here.  Sometimes scary, sometimes funny... enjoy!


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