Sunday, July 19, 2009

I don't want to be a pirate!

Julian has been fascinated by pirates for the last few weeks.  I think this fascination may have resulted from a super-cool pirate book from cousin Benny's third birthday party.  He even decided (in July) that he would be dressing up as a pirate for Halloween.

Saturday morning at 3am I awoke to Julian yelling:  "Mommy!  Mommy!"  I ran to his room to find out that he had a terrible nightmare.  About pirates.  He was very distraught:  "Mommy, the pirates locked me up on the boat, and it was scary!"

I explained to Julian that it was just a dream, there was nothing to be afraid of, and to think about all of the things he liked and he wouldn't have that dream again (my dad used to tell me this when I had nightmares of nuclear war when I was little - I know, I had some serious stuff on my mind when I was a little girl - he would tell me to think about kittens, and ice cream and clowns.  He didn't know I was also afraid of clowns... but, I digress).  I left the room.  I climbed back into bed.  I closed my eyes.  I drifted off to sleep... 

5 minutes later:

Julian:  "DADDY!"
Andrew:  "Yes?"
Julian:  "I don't want to be a pirate for Halloween, okay daddy?"
Andrew:  "Okay."

And off to sleep he went...



zoe said...

you should introduce him to ninjas. they are cooler than pirates and he could learn super cool defense moves to protect himself.


clinka said...

ninjas... yes!
we should TOTALLY open a daycare!

Clippy Mat said...

avast me hearty, little jbug. ye shall not be a pirate if'n ye don't want to and we will make all 'em landlubbers walk that plank!


i think that's pirate speak.


clinka said...

especially with an english accent ;)

Jenn said...

haha awww jbug too cute x

Kee said...

oh no poor jbug!