Thursday, July 23, 2009

I love you in the morning...

I love my office.  It is tiny and cozy, and decorated just the way I like it.  I sit in front of a HUGE window.  

Yesterday morning I was on a business call, when something out the window caught my eye.  I looked a bit closer.  Across the road there is a small hotel.  In that hotel there are many windows.  In one of those windows stood a naked man.  Please understand, he was not simply walking past the window, or even pausing for a quick glance outside while deciding whether to wear a T-shirt or sweater.  He was standing two inches from the window - completely and utterly naked.  The windows start around knee-height and go all the way up to the ceiling.  It was a full show.

Then she joined him.  His lady-friend, also fully naked.  They stood together and looked out the window.  Don't worry, they didn't see me staring, my window is tinted (thank God) and therefore I could continue to look, without appearing perverted (and while trying to remain focused on my business call).  They started to smooch a little, touch a little, and then they disappeared from view for three-and-a-half minutes (yes, I timed it on my computer clock).  He then came back for a little look outside, a little scratch "down there", and that was it.  Show over.  Back to work.  Nothing to see here.  I can not imagine ever standing naked in front of a hotel window in broad daylight.  I mean, at night, after a few glasses of wine, with all interior lights turned off, thus ensuring on-lookers from the outside can not possibly see in - maybe.  But at 10:00am on a Wednesday morning?  No.

I have no idea what picture to put with this post, so here is one of me - as naked as I'll get - in a bikini on the beach with my babies.  Oh yes, I get CRAZY at 10:00am when I'm on vacation!



Kee said...

OMG. This is so flippin hilarious. I would have had to end the call. How did you not laugh out loud? 3 1/2 minutes? Poor girl!

clinka said...

oh, i left that part out... i DID end the call... and SCREAMED for everyone else to come see!


Clippy Mat said...

3 1/2 minutes can be a VERY long time.
well at 10 a.m. on a Wed. morning anyway.
the dirty b*g*ers.

Jenn said...

hahahahahaha that is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ive just smiled all the way through and giggled at the photo u put up!

hahaha oh thanks for the laugh