Tuesday, March 9, 2010


He loves to listen to CBC Radio 2.... his favourite segment? The news.
He is very concerned about the state of the world, particularly with natural disasters.
I'm quite certain he is a musical genius, who's interests range from Classical, Jazz, to Lady GaGa.
When he tinkers around on the piano it sounds like he is actually playing a song.
Before bed he asked if we could talk about water treatment plants, particularly the difference between the treatment of household waste water to storm water.

He is all of these wonderful things, and he still likes to rub his food on his face whilst eating it.



Anonymous said...

he's amazing. i knew it from day one. he's always in my thoughts and is such a special, soulful, beautiful boy.
love and miss him every day.

love you too!
jenny x x x

Clippy Mat said...

a sensitive intellectual.
a beautiful soulful boy.
treasure those bedtime moments.