Friday, April 16, 2010

Earth Love.

Tonight during dinner:

Julian: "Mommy, I love all of the people all over the earth."
Me: "Wow, that's nice."
Julian: "Even strangers. Even people who speak Spanish."



Clippy Mat said...

Wednesday night at bedtime:
Julian: Bella is not like my dog Oliver.

Me: Bella is a lovely dog though, see she likes you.

Julian: Nanny, Bella is not a real dog, she's a POODLE!


Nora: Yeah, she's a "poodle"!

clinka said...


true, though...


Debi said...

LOL I want your children, they're so cute! xo

(Yes I do read regular for updates Jule (and Aunty Patt) I love them, miss you all even more when I hear stories.....

Debi said...

I really must learn to spell and well x

Anonymous said...

he's the best and so sweet! xxxx jenn