Thursday, July 29, 2010

Suzy revealed.

Every night before bed, for as long as I can remember, I have been telling Julian special bedtime messages brought to me by "Suzy the Night Fairy". Suzy gives me insider information on what wonderful, magical thing Julian is going to dream about that night, and I relay this information to Julian. The odd night that I have forgotten, Julian quickly yells from his room: "Mommy?! You forgot Suzy the Night Fairy! What did Suzy tell you?!"

I have to admit, I - I mean - Suzy has started to run out of dream ideas. Especially during the week, when Suzy has worked all day and is exhausted. Lately the solution to this dilemma has been to quickly scour Julian's room for ideas - or remember something he did that day, and make it into a wonderful dream he is going to have. Perfect solution - right?... Well, I thought so until tonight:

Julian: "Mommy, what did Suzy the Night Fairy tell you about my dream tonight."
Me: (eyes half closed) "Um..." (I look around the room and spot a Spiderman comic book in his bed) "Suzy says tonight you are going to be Spiderman, and you are going to have all sorts of crazy and wonderful adventures - and you are going to catch all the bad guys!"
Julian: (exasperated) "Ugh! Mommy... all you do is make Suzy the Night Fairy tell me dreams about whatever I do that day, or whatever I'm looking at!"

Caught. Red handed. No words...

Me: "Goonight sweet pea!"



Clippy Mat said...

you cant pull the wool over julian's eyes! bless him.

Anonymous said...

haha i love the conversations you guys have together, keep them coming.

love you,jenn x x x