Thursday, September 9, 2010


The days are getting colder here - and we are in that awkward stage between summer and fall when you don't really quite know how to dress in the morning.

Today I was feeling particularly uninspired by my closet and opted for basic, classic black. Black trousers, black shirt with black belt, black jacket and red shoes (of course).

I walked to the car and as I sat down Julian said: "Mommy, you are wearing black." I replied: "Yes, I am." Julian's response: "Mommy, are you a ninja?"



Clippy Mat said...

Ninja Mommy. Of course you are. You have to wear many disguises in this life. They might think you're an elegant business woman in the workplace but we really know the truth.
hugs :-)

Sara said...

Sounds a very like my outfit today. Hadn't realised I looked Ninja-like!

Anonymous said...

Lol are you a ninja? i love julian. he's the bomb. i like you all in black, its classic and sassy and you are a bit of a ninja. xxxxx jenn