Saturday, November 26, 2016

These Two...

Julian has started to read my blog.  I always knew this day would come, and I assumed they would react in one of two ways:

Reaction #1:  insist that I delete the entire thing so I don't ruin their reps

Reaction #2:  fall in love with every post and find joy in learning about who they were at a very young age

I am pleased to find that the reaction has been overwhelmingly #2.  Julian and I were up until 1:00am this morning reading through old posts (he read them out loud to me as I sipped on red wine) and it was lovely.  He has been reading them for about a week.  He told me he is trying to limit the amount he reads each day as he wants to savour them.  Last night we binge blogged, for sure.

A few days ago he told me that I should start writing about him and Nora again.  He said that since Auntie Shari died my posts have become depressing.  He is right.  But, I have to remain true to where I am and my posts are reflective of that.  It has been such an incredibly difficult two years for all of us.  I lost my sister, but Julian and Nora lost one of their very favourite people in the world.  There have been many tears, many talks and we keep Shari alive through our honest conversation.  Our house and their rooms are full of her arts and crafts.  These two not only have her things, but they each carry a piece of her as well.  She connected with them in such a beautiful way.  Deep conversations with Julian and endless hours of art with Nora.  I know she would love their quirky senses of humour.  She would love their fearless nature and lack of concern around looking or acting silly.  She would love their sensitivity.  Their kindness to animals, people and mainly their kindness to one another.  The massive loss they experienced at such young ages has shaped who they are and will continue to throughout their lives.

A part of me is sad that I haven't captured the MANY crazy stories and moments with these two on this blog over the past few years.  The dance parties in the kitchen.  The monologue performances before bed.  Speaking with accents as often as possible.  These two give me more then they could ever know...


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