Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not fair.

I received wonderful news via email this week, that a lovely friend gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  She included this photo in her email.  As happy as I am for her, I can't help but be rather perplexed that she looked this good just moments after giving birth.  I have reviewed photos of myself post-baby-birthing, and there was no such glow on my face.  My hair was a disaster... I think I was actually wearing my babushka for Nora's birth - poor girl.  I looked like I had been through a major battle... and lost.  I was pale, blotchy, shiny and altogether messy.  This must be why there were no photos included in my "welcome to the world" emails.



Little Sweethearts said...

To my post-partum pictures you could add: puffy-faced and teary-eyed!


E and T said...

Wow, she does look amazing and her baby boy is just gorgeous. There's hope for me yet!

Clippy Mat said...

well that's not how i remember it! i thought you looked amazing, and you had a 'glow'........ coulda been the drugs tho' ;-)

tara said...

It's a year later, and W is celebrating his first. It's friends like you that made his welcome all the more special. Thanks for years of love.