Wednesday, June 25, 2008

As is.

I like Ikea.  I LOVE Ikea showrooms.  I have come to a sad realization though.  The showroom is a lie.  The tidy, clean toddler room.  The immaculate kitchen.  The bathroom with no long hairs strewn about.  The laundry room that makes you WANT to iron something.  Everything looks "lived in" yet "perfect" - a combination that does not actually exist in real life.  I have decided that from now on instead of starting my Ikea shopping experience by lolling about dreamily through the showrooms, I am going to begin in the "As Is" section, since it is a far more accurate representation of reality, and how your furniture will look two months after bringing it home.



Little Sweethearts said...

In the course of next year they will be building another IKEA in Belgium, but this time it's actually going to be CLOSER to where I live. And it's going to be the biggest yet!

What fun! You can always find some inspiration at IKEA - and cheap hot dogs ;)


E and T said...

I like to browse around Ikea every now and again just to get some ideas. I love some of their storage solutions. You're so right, they sure do have some very clever designers putting together their displays, managing to strike that delicate balance of looking lived in, yet ever so perfect.


dani said...

hi, clinka!!! i cannot believe i've just now visited... i came by way of tania. i guess you already know that elise has had her baby boy. if not, she did... last night (for you) at a little after 11. his name is blake. her mum, miss lucy, has all the details up on her site.
ps i love ikea, too;)

kristen said...

That's one place I've never been to but hear so much about.