Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Now that is GOOD shopping...

From now on I am only shopping on Etsy.  Where else can you find a chocolate brown decal with all of your family's names to hang on the wall above your bed?  

Oh, and how about a family of "little people" custom made as your actual family.  Love Etsy. Thank you Elephannie and Gemmielou!  

Oh, and thanks to Sheye for telling us about Gemmie's "little people"!


Clippy Mat said...

so sweet! a little wooden family for the mantlepiece.
.......... where's olly?

clinka said...

Shoot... I knew I had forgotten something :)

tara said...

Lovely stuff! I have just bookmarked the shops to show the hubby. I am loving the decals for Ben and Will's rooms. Thanks so much for posting!