Sunday, July 13, 2008

From your hands to mine...

As I have previously confessed, we rarely check our mail.  Once, maybe twice a week.  I hadn't checked it since Monday, and I thought I better go take a look tonight.  It was the regular haul:  one fashion magazine, three bills, two flyers... and tucked away at the bottom of the pile, a little treasure.  A pretty envelope, with unfamiliar handwriting, and an Air Mail sticker... my curiosity was peaked.  I opened the envelope, and what a treat.  It was a lovely card from a blog friend in Belgium who had the wonderful idea a few months ago, that a group of us girls who often comment on one another's blogs should exchange snail mail addresses, so that on birthdays and other special occasions we can send each other mail.  Well, she surprised me with a lovely card, and a handmade "Clinka's Apples" magnet!  I was actually in tears that someone I barely know, in another country took the time to make something for me!  Isn't it lovely?  It now has it's own little home on my (very cluttered) fridge.

Thank you Tania, you made me smile today!



Little Sweethearts said...

I am glad you decided to check your mail! I was wondering whether you received it or not.

I hope the tears were tears of joy, as that is what snail mail is all about: a little surprise to warm the hearts!

PS: I love that the little magnet is surrounded by so many other lovely things.

Clippy Mat said...

see, i'm the opposite. even when i know the mailman has already been i cannot leave or enter the house without lifting the lid of the mailbox to see if he forgot something and had to come back and drop it off. or whether someone came by and decided to leave me something special in there.
you just never know.
that is a cute little magnet by the way. :-)

Anonymous said...

that is SO nice!!!

jenn and nanny


lella said...

I have the honor, to call Jules & Andrew, my very close friends. Whenever we visit, I am always far far aways from all my worries. They are the epitome of "family" and I love them dearly.