Saturday, July 19, 2008

The thing about Nora is...

She is very fickle with her affection.  Although she doesn't speak much, if you ask her for a hug or a kiss she will always say, quite clearly:  "No." and will then continue about her business.  Today I was playing with Julian.  Nora was busy drawing on her own.  Out of nowhere she walked up to me, put her hands on either side of my face and kissed me.  Twice.  I was shocked and thrilled all at once.  She looked at me, smiled, turned and walked away.  I got greedy:  "Nora, can I have another kiss?"  Her answer:  "No."



Little Sweethearts said...

Definitely a girl who knows what she wants... at least you got two for the price of one!


Sara said...

very cute

Anonymous said...

nanny is ordering up a few kisses for when she gets home. nora, you have been warned. :-)