Friday, May 2, 2008

Beauty Full.

For me, the most wondrous moments in life tend to occur amidst the most "normal" situations... finding beauty in the every day.  I thought about this during breakfast one day this week, over some cinnamon raisin toast with the children, when, out of nowhere, Julian made Nora laugh one of her belly laughs, and then I began to laugh out loud, even though I had no idea what we were actually laughing about.  Then there is this moment captured on film above.  Nanny sent me this photo from last Sunday of Julian and Nora, and it simply took my breath away.  The two little people I had a part in creating, holding hands, Julian looking back at Nora, just making sure she is okay.

Sheye summed it up perfectly:  Beauty Full.



Dovetail entries said...

This photo reminds me of my brother and me. If Julian and Nora grow up with the same bond that I share with my brother, they will truly be a lucky pair. I'm grateful everyday to have an older brother who has held my hand many times.


E and T said...

Having children around you sure does make so much beauty-full. They teach us so much about life as they see magic and wonder everywhere.

I was so happy to see that you had stopped by my blog. Fancy our girls having the same stroller, how cute. Please come back and visit again.

Warmenst wishes

Little Sweethearts said...

Thanks for your comment on my Etsy adventure. Let me know when you open yours!
This might be your way to fame: imagine a story on Etsy featuring you as the newest best selling artist... Well, it could just happen you know.

I enjoyed reading your beauty-full post. I love the fact that my little girl also has a big brother that takes care of her (well, most of the time anyway).


belleandboo said...

I was watching 2 little kids yesterday in the local park doing exactly the same thing, the older boy kept looking down and checking the little girl was Ok, it was so tender & cute.....m x