Monday, May 12, 2008

My works of art.

Julian has discovered my tattoos.  I have three:
A fish on my foot.  
A fish with wings on my belly.  
A globe with a flower in it on my belly.  

As I work in a fairly conservative office, I must ensure my tattoos are covered up at all times, which is normally fine, until the arrival of spring.  I LOVE to wear skirts with bare legs, and lovely little shoes... Unfortunately, in order to comply with office policy, I am required to add a bandage to my wardrobe to cover my foot tattoo... completely destroying the "look" - and prompting the question of "What happened to your foot?" all day long. 

I was 18 years old when I had this first tattoo done, and I recall my mom saying:  "One day you will regret getting a tattoo on top of your foot.  What if you work in an office, and have to cover it up?"  My sassy 18-year-old reply:  "Mom, I will NEVER work in an OFFICE!  I'm going to be a famous actor, or an artist!."  Ooops.

Last week I was getting ready for work (skirt - check, shoes - check, bandage - check) when Julian pointed at my foot and began to cry:  
Me:  "What is the matter?"
Julian:  "Your painting is gone!"
Me:  "My painting?"
Julian:  "Why is your fishy painting gone?"
Then the next day he asked to see the fish with wings on my belly:
Julian:  "Why did people paint a fish on your tummy?"

The beauty of being a child... everything is a masterpiece.


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh I love this post, especially the bit about your Mum telling you you'll regret it. How do they always know? Even now my Mum will see me go to buy something and will say, 'Em you'll hate those shoes etc in a week' and you know what, she's always bloody right!


belleandboo said...

that is so cute, i loved reading that