Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's potty time.

We are trying desperately to potty train Julian.  Tonight we had an interesting discussion on the potty about poo:

Mommy:  "Julian, where do you think Teletubbies poo?"
Julian:  (mortified) "MOMMY!  Teletubbies don't poo, they don't have bums."
Mommy:  "Teletubbies don't have bums?"
Julian:  "No Mommy, they have tv's."



sara said...

I don't poo either but thats cos I'm a girl not a teletubbie.

he's a cutie!


Auntie Kee said...

I hope you are keeping a nice scrapbook or journal of these blogs to share with JBug and Nora when they are older....Julian will surely enjoy sharing this with his wife one day!