Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I drive a Volkswagen Beetle, which I love.  I always wanted one, and even though it is an  incredibly impractical vehicle when you have two children, I still love to drive it.  I was en route to work this morning, when I saw a young brother and sister, walking to school, and they appeared to be fighting... exchanging jabs back and forth.  I considered pulling the car over, and telling them to love each other a little more when I realized that they were both looking at me, and that my car was actually the instigator in the punching.  They were doing "punch bug" back and forth.  It is ironic how such a peaceful, happy little car can cause so much pain.


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Clippy Mat said...

STOP those children!! after some research; see below, you will note the proper rules!


Volkswagen and other car enthusiasts find plenty of ways to play decades-old game

Our rules:

1) The old bug is a "punch bug" and adds one to your current total while a new beetle is an "unpunch bug" and subtracts one from your opponent's current total. Negative totals are allowed. You are allowed one punch for every point. Taking a punch reduces your total by one. Only bugs or beetles that appear to be in drivable condition are acceptable.
2) There are "double punch bugs" and "double unpunch bugs". Convertible bugs or beetles are doubles. A bug with the engine showing is a double. A beetle with a bra is a double ("dressed unpunch bug").
3) In case of a tie, the punch or unpunch bug is off-limits until it goes completely out of sight and is seen again.
4) If a double punch bug is accidentally called as a single, the caller receives at least one point. The first person to correctly call the double will receive the remaining point. Similar rules apply for unpunch bugs.
5) When passing by a dealership or bug graveyard, a maximum of five points can be claimed (or lost) between the two players.

I forsee leagues forming soon.