Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lunch is for Losers.

I hate to go on and on about how my life has changed since returning to the working world.  But it really has... and I don't have much else to write about since work has been occupying the majority of my time.  During my last year off with my babies I was on a 2 hour feeding schedule.  Much like a newborn.  
8am Breakfast
10am Snack
12pm Lunch
3pm Snack
5pm Dinner
8pm Snack
I realized today that every day this week I have eaten ONE thing between the hours of 8am and 6pm... One packet of instant oatmeal.  One.  It has been my lunch.  Not breakfast - there has been no time for breakfast.  Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a box of Organics Instant Oatmeal to keep at my desk - since this is my solitary source of nutrients, it may as well be organic, right?  I even purchased the variety pack, so every day it will kind of be like eating something different.  Lunch time rolled around.  I was weak.  I was dizzy.  I reached into the box of oatmeal packets, purposely not looking at which variety I pulled out - as I wanted to be surprised.  I poured the contents into a bowl.  I added hot water.  I waited 5 minutes.  I closed my eyes and slowly brought the spoon to my mouth.  The flavour I had selected?  Plain.


p.s.  I found this super cute lunch bag on Etsy... I even thought about buying it... but realized I don't really need it now that I have a box full of lunch surprises at my desk.


kee said...

sounds yummy...barf! you really should try to pack a nutrious lunch each know in youor free time after the kids go to bed!

eva braun :-) said...

gott in himmel!! vere iss itt zat you work? ze concentration camp? zis iss ridiculousss. you vill vaste avay to ein shadow.