Tuesday, January 1, 2008

One year ago today...

I was 9 months pregnant, and had a terrible cold.  I spent New Year's Day coughing and feeling miserable.  I was folding laundry around 6:00pm, when I felt my water break.  Family members were notified with excited phone calls.  Nanny hurried over to watch Julian while Andrew rushed me to the hospital.  I was hooked up to little machines, and the nurses began monitoring my progress.  An hour later I was told I could go home as my water hadn't, in fact, broken... It turns out I had been coughing so hard, and with all the pressure from the baby on my bladder, I had in actuality um, well... peed my pants.  The worst part was I now had to phone all family members, and advise them of this embarrassing little bit of news.  The next morning little Nora entered our lives.  Such a good girl, taking the attention away from my "accident".  Happy birthday tomorrow, beautiful Noo-Noo (and as per Sheye, happy "birthing day" to me!).


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NooNoo's Nanny said...

Little NooNoo.
Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthing day to your Mommy.
Happy sweet daughter day to Daddy.
Happy little sister day to Julian.

Happy NooNoo day to the rest of us.

Thanks NooNoo xxxxx