Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Beautiful Little Things.

I remember when I was in my twenties, visiting people's homes who had little children, and thinking:  "How can they stand having all of this 'kid's stuff' around?".  I would scowl at the toys, clothing, feeding and (yuck, potty) items strewn about their homes.  I remember thinking:  "Eeew, they must just hate having to live like this.".  It just all seemed so messy, and the bright, primary colours predominately found in children's items certainly weren't showcased in any home decor magazines.  Now when I go to people's homes who don't have young children I miss those little bursts of colour.  The sippy cups on the floor.  The sound of Cheerios crunching under foot.

I love my brightly coloured, child-item-filled home.



noonoo's nanny said...

call me when you step on a lego with bare feet, in the dark, en route to the bathroom............ :-))

those cats are scary and they aren't playing their instruments! said...

I feel sentimental when I find one of my cat's toys in my shoe.