Thursday, December 13, 2007

What's under your bed?

With only a few days of freedom left, I spent one entire day this week cleaning.  Not just a light dusting... I'm talking down and dirty disinfecting and sanitizing.  Most people who know me well consider me to be "neat and tidy" or some say "obsessive compulsive" when it comes to how I like to keep my home.  Little do they know (until now) that there are some areas I really can't be bothered with cleaning.  A major area of neglect is under our bed.  I regularly vacuum under Julian and Nora's beds, but our bed is very low to the ground, and I actually have to lie down on the floor to properly vacuum under it.  No thanks.  Because I knew this would be the last "hard core" cleaning session my home would receive for a while I swallowed my pride, and got down on my belly, with a slight sense of apprehension, to tackle whatever was lurking under there.  This is what I discovered:

a sippy cup with water
a "Cars" car - Lightning McQueen, to be exact
dental floss
a "Mega Blocks" block
a rolled up piece of orange construction paper - which turned out to be a project from one of Andrew's students
diaper cream

I began to think it would be interesting to psychoanalyze (or completely judge) people based on what items can be found under their bed.  I then began to wonder what the items under our bed say about us:

"Subjects have well hydrated children, with rash-free bottoms who are permitted to play wherever they choose.  Subjects take pride in having healthy teeth and gums, but one of the Subjects often misplaces items of importance.  Subject's friends and family are under the impression that Subjects are very clean, organized people when, in actuality, they are just a little bit gross."



Kee said...

You would think that was a pic of what came out fro under my living room couch! I find these exact items in the livingroom almost on a nightly basis!

Cherry said...

When I first read this I thought it said something about "one of Andrew's student's diaper cream". Your bed findings look quite hygenic. I could make you a nice furball cushion from what I find under my bed....hmmm. great Christmas idea and Etsy top seller!