Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Guilt Gifts.

It happens to me every year.  I am warmed by the kindness and generosity of others, and yet I somehow manage to fall into a pit of guilt at the same time.  With every lovely, thoughtful Christmas card I receive I feel more and more awful for not taking the time to send Christmas cards this year.  My original plan for my handmade button wreaths was to give one to each of the little children at Julian and Nora's daycare.  I have since learned that at their new daycare the children don't exchange Christmas gifts.  So, I found myself with twenty-odd button wreaths in search of new homes.  Obviously I would give one to each member of our immediate family (and my favourite wreath has taken up residence on our own Christmas tree).  I have since been having a major internal struggle over who the remaining button wreaths should go to.  Since I am now back at work I should really give some to the lovely people I work with... but certainly not to ALL of them.  And what if one person at work sees that another person received a button wreath, but they did not receive one - surely they would feel slighted.  I must give one to the neighbour who inspired me to make them in the first place... but, does that mean I have to give them to ALL of my neighbours?  Where do I draw the line?  Only those who are ONE house away get wreaths?  If you are TWO houses down I guess you're out of luck.  I should give one to each of Julian and Nora's teachers.  And the secretaries.  But, what about the girl who isn't really one of the teachers, but is always there when I drop off Nora and is always so kind to us?  What about the "surprise gift" person - the person who you would never expect to receive a gift from, who shocks you with a thoughtful and sweet gesture - well certainly they are deserving of a wreath.  I am also finding when you take so much time and effort to create something by hand you become very attached to it.  I hate to think of someone opening the package, and thinking:  "You've GOT to be kidding me.  Surely she doesn't think we are actually going to hang this THING on our tree...".  And then what if they think that they HAVE to hang it on the tree or I'll be upset if I happen to stop by for a visit and notice that my button wreath is nowhere to be seen.

Next year I think I'll just sell them on Etsy.



pearly queen (geddit) said...

Ahhh Christmas. And the guilt!
What would one be without the other? LOL :-)

KEE said...

I love love love my wreath and think it is a wonderful addition to our glad I made the cut! I hope you sell a million on etsy next year. I know I will buy some (of course I will give them and pass them off as my own but think of he money you will make!) They are beautiful!

Kee's Ma In Law said...

I love my wreath too. It's absolutely beautiful and is hanging on our tree also where it looks tres elegant!