Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

On the weekend we decided it was time to put up our Christmas tree.  I knew with an 11 month old, and an almost 3 year old it was going to be a logistical nightmare, but I was up for the challenge.  As soon as Nora went down for her morning nap, we bundled Julian in his snowsuit, and he went outside with Daddy to make a snowman.  Perfect.  I went to put on some Christmas music to get into the spirit, but realized we hadn't saved any on the iPod, and I still don't know how to work our stereo.  Okay, Feist will do...  An hour later the tree was fully assembled, and I had convinced myself that "Mushaboom" could be a Christmas song, as she does mention snow in the lyrics.  Julian and Andrew had since tired of being outside, so I was now trying to keep Julian out of the boxes of glass ornaments while focusing on light installation.  Luckily Julian found a gold wire Christmas tree decoration, which he used as a rocket ship to amuse himself.  

Just before lunch I made the discovery that half of the tree lights no longer worked.  Then Nora awoke.  I decided to take Julian to the store with me, while Andrew fed Nora lunch.  Andrew distracted Julian with a piece of candy cane so I could squeeze him (unwillingly) back into his snowsuit.  The store was crazy.  The drivers on the way there and the way back were crazy.  Julian had become a messy, goopy, candy cane boy.  By the time I got home with the new lights I was ready to cancel Christmas altogether.  I walked in the door, and began to hang the new lights, scowling all the while, when out of nowhere, Julian gasped and said:  "Mommy, it's BEAUTIFUL!".  Suddenly it felt like Christmas again.



Cherry said...

Hey I made that bird ornament! That picture could be a Christmas card! I should hate you because you are so perfect...but I can't because you funny

flowerchild said...

don't you find it strange you put the lights away in january and they are working you get them out in december and they are broken whats up with that?????????????

santaslittlehelper said...

i would like to order that print of the christmas tree for my next year's christmas cards please.

jennyb said...

that tree is beautiful jules!
wish i could have seen nora and julian when they first saw it.

love your blog.
gimme more!